Title I and Learning Assistance Programs provide supplemental reading and/or math support for selected students and schools. These programs serve specific schools that meet the criteria set by the federal and stategovernments.

Title I in Ƶ:

In the Ƶ we have five schools that receive – Alderwood, Birchwood, Cordata, Roosevelt, and Shuksan.

Annual notifications:

Title I & parent involvement:

Family Engagement is one of our key strategies in The Bellingham Promise. We strive to partner with families through parent involvement activities, open communication, and welcoming schools.

Services for students who are experiencing homelessness:

Title I services are also provided to students in non-Title I schools who qualifyfor status and are in need of additional academic support and .

Title I & private schools:

As per federal regulations, Title I funds are also used to support the academic needs of qualifying students enrolled at . Private schools must opt in to participate in this program. All private schools are notified annually on how to indicate their intent to participate.

District & school report cards:

Complaint process – File a citizen’s complaint:

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) has a written formal complaint process for resolving issues of violation of a Title I Federal regulation. If you have a concern with Title I services and/or regulations we encourage you to contact your child’s Title I teaching team, your school’s principal and/or the district’s Title I office (360-676-6542). You can also access the citizen’s complaint process through the OSPI office in Olympia. The links below has all of the information for filing a complaint through OSPI.

  • : This page outlines the 5-step process through which a citizen can file a complaint against a school district, Educational Service District (ESD) or other school service provider (subgrantee).
  • : This page outlines the 4-step process through which a citizen can file a complaint against OSPI.


funds in the Ƶ are used to provide supplemental reading and math services to qualifying studentsat theelementary, middle and high schools.

Elementary LAP reading support:

Each elementary school has a part-time reading support specialist who works with students to support their reading development. The elementary LAP reading specialists provide supplemental instruction for striving readers.

Middle school & high school LAP reading support:

LAP funds are used for literacy and math support in our middle and high schools. Differentiated support for reading and math is provided through certificated FTE and classes for students. Credit retrieval is provided at the high school level for students who are credit deficient.

Jenny Lawrence
Director of Teaching and Learning

Debra Hampton
State and Federal Programs Manager