Health Services is a team of nurses, health services assistants, and administrative staff working together to promote health and prevent disease.  The team supports student health through preventive care such as hearing and vision screening and immunizations, by providing acute care and daily management of chronic health conditions, through monitoring and managing infectious diseases, and in coordinating care by communicating with families, students, staff, and community providers to reduce barriers to learning and assure a healthy school environment for all students.

Each school nurse (see below for contact information) supports 2-4 schools and serves as a bridge between healthcare and education to assure that students are healthy, safe, and ready to learn. The school nurse:

  • Trains, delegates, and supervises staff in the daily management of injuries, illness, and medication needs.
  • Develops and implements individual health plans and 504 plans for students needing accommodations at school (i.e. life-threatening conditions, chronic medical conditions such as diabetes or asthma, and disabilities).
  • Coordinates care with student, family, staff, and community providers for the management of acute and chronic conditions.
  • Makes referrals to health care providers for evaluation of symptoms, immunization compliance, growth and development, hearing and vision screening follow up, and as needed.
  • Monitors for infectious diseases.

See our Immunizations, Medication, Lice, Infectious Disease Prevention and Management, and Please Keep Your Child Home If pages for more information.

Annual Health Concerns

At the start of each school year, we want to know about new or changed health conditions for your child. Please complete the Annual Health Concerns form in Skyward or return it to your child’s school by mid- September.

School Nurses

Amy Eisenhauer, BSN, RN (360) 303-4667

Kulshan Middle School, Carl Cozier Elementary, Geneva Elementary

Shelly Donahue, BSN, RN, NCSN (360) 927-1773

Squalicum High School, Northern Heights Elementary

Lori Fransen, BSN, RN  (360) 201-9178

Whatcom Middle School, Alderwood Elementary, Silver Beach Elementary

Alyssa Johnson, MSN, RN (360) 201-8766

Sehome High School, Lowell Elementary, Wade King Elementary, Bellingham Family Partnership Program

Tobi Melton, BSN, RN (360) 961-9623 / Krissy Abbey, BSN, RN (564) 209-1287

Bellingham High School, Columbia Elementary, Community Transitions

Matt Neisinger, MSN, RN, NCNS (360) 927-0884

Options High School, Cordata Elementary, Parkview Elementary, Sunnyland Elementary

Caroline Cho, BSN, RN (360) 306-2604

Fairhaven Middle School, Happy Valley Elementary

Sheri Wiess, BSN, RN (360) 410-4751

Shuksan Middle School, Birchwood Elementary, Roosevelt Elementary

Clover Martin

Administrative Assistant


Preet Singh