Under a policy governance model, the school board conducts “linkages” as a way to connect with and listen to families and the community.Meeting dates and times are set by working with each group and topics are subject to change. Dates and topics will be posted as scheduled.

2023-24 School Year

October 24, 2023: Student Roundtable Special Meeting

February 27, 2024: Student Roundtable Special Meeting

March 26, 2024:Community Linkage – Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs

May 22, 2024: Community Linkage – Bellingham Family Partnership Program

2022-23 School Year

February 1, 2023: Student Roundtable Special Meeting

March 29, 2023: Student Roundtable Special Meeting

May 3, 2023: Community Linkage with Special Education Families

May 31, 2023: Student Roundtable Special Meeting

2021-22 School Year

March 30, 2022: Student Roundtable Special Meeting

May 12, 2022: Community Linkage with Latinx Community

2019-20 School Year

November 6, 2019: Student Roundtable Special Meeting

January 29, 2020: Community Linkage with Exceptional Students

March 4, 2020: Student Roundtable Special Meeting

2018-19 School Year

October 30, 2018: Community Linkage with English Language Learners Program

March 27, 2019: Community Linkage focusing on Supporting Families through Hardships

May 29, 2019: Community Linkage with Student Leaders

2017-18 School Year

March 20, 2018: Community Linkage with members of the business community

April 25, 2018: Community Linkage with International Baccalaureate families and students

2016-17 School Year

October 26, 2016: Community Linkage with members of the law enforcement community

January 31, 2017: Community Linkage – Poverty in our Schools

April 19, 2017: Community Linkage – Visual & Performing Arts in our Schools

May 17, 2017: Community Linkage with members of the LGTQA+ Community

2015-16 School Year

December 9, 2015:Board Summary and Minutes, Community Health Providers

March 30, 2016:Board Summary and Minutes, Higher Education Professionals

June 14, 2016:Board Summary and Minutes, Behavioral Health Professionals

2014-15 School Year

October 23, 2014:Board Summary and Minutes:Club Sports

January 22, 2015:Board Summary and Minutes: Faith Based Community

April 23, 2015:Board Summary and Minutes: Neighborhood Associations

2013-14 School Year

September 26, 2013:Board Summary and Minutes: Special Education

October 24, 2013:Board Summary and Minutes: English Language Learner Program

January 30, 2014:Board Summary and Minutes: LGBTQA Community

March 27, 2014:Board Summary and Minutes: Connecting with Senior Citizens

May 28, 2014:Board Summary and Minutes: Connecting with Senior Students

2012–13 School Year

September 27, 2012: Board Summary: Connecting with Families of Highly Capable Learners Minutes
Postponed: Originally scheduled for October 25, 2012 –Neighborhood Association Leaders

January 24, 2013:Board Summary: Bellingham Mayor and City Council Minutes

May 3, 2013:Board Summary: Connecting with Homeschooled Families Minutes

2011–12 School Year

March 8, 2012:Board Summary: Connecting with Employee Groups Minutes

January 26, 2012:Board Summary: Connecting with Service and Nonprofit Organization Leaders Minutes

November 3, 2011:Board Summary: Connecting with Business Leaders Minutes

October 6, 2011 Board Summary: Connecting with Parent Organization Leaders

2010–11 School Year

May 12, 2011:Board Summary:Connecting with Our Latino Families Minutes

February 24, 2011:Board Summary:Early Childhood Education Minutes

November 16, 2010:Board Summary:Academic Achievement Related to Elementary School Program and Schedules Minutes